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How Much is a Wedding Celebrant?

You will find a huge range of costs when you start researching for a Brisbane wedding celebrant.

Before we talk about costs, do you know what is entailed in getting legally married? What does a celebrant do? Wedding Celebrants are a lot like icebergs. You only see a small piece of what they actually do. The rest is hidden in their offices at home, their cars, midnight revelations or visiting couples.

There are many legal steps to get married in Australia. I often joke with my couples, saying I think there's less paperwork to get a mortgage. A great wedding celebrant will have all this organised for you. They will produce all the forms, have them signed in a timely manner, present certificates at your ceremony and then have them all delivered to the relevant Births Deaths and Marriages Dept.

Then there's the writing of your personal ceremony. The celebrant script. This is the fun part. The part I love the most. Getting to know you as a couple and writing your love ceremony takes time. It can be written and re-written many times before it's even sent to you as a first draft.

There are many other costs to being a celebrant. Ones that I won't bore you with but are necessary to stay registered as a great celebrant.

So yes, costs will vary but the main thing when looking for the best wedding celebrant for you is to make sure you click. Make sure they have the same thoughts, ideas even morals on the beautiful thing we call "marriage"

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