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We're Engaged - now what?

The big questions has been asked and answered with a resounding yes! What next?

Everyone has their own ideas about what order to do things in. From my experience in the wedding industry these are my top tips.

The first thing is to sit back, relax and just enjoy being engaged. Everyone will be asking “when, where, how!” Try and enjoy the ‘just engaged’ feeling for a while.

After a few blissful weeks sit down together and have a chat about dates and wedding venues. Maybe there is a specific date you want to get married on? Maybe you have a dream venue that you envisage yourselves tying the knot at.

Once you have these locked in, find your wedding celebrant. This person will get you guys legally married. They are also the person who is in charge of the start of your day. The first big impression. Make sure they make it fun and enjoyable for you and your guests. Find someone who you connect with. One who gets you.

Then, chose your photographer. Hire the best photographer you can. Photos will be your most prized possession in years to come. They will bring back so many memories but most of all they’ll bring back all those feelings you had on the day.

Alternatively, if you have a favourite venue, celebrant and photographer, get them all chatting and work out a date that suits everyone. Then you’ve got your dream team in place!

Wedding planning can seem really daunting. When you get these vendors locked, chat with them about advice and tips on other wedding vendors for your big day. They will be a great source of information and recommendations.

Best of luck planning your special day. xx

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