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Bridal Party - Do I have to have one?

Do I need to have a Bridal Party?

Traditionally, and we’re talking 100’s of years ago, a Bridal Party served a pretty important role.

Let’s start with the groomsmen and best man. They were there specifically to stop the of stealing the bride from her neighbouring community or disapproving family, and he was probably the best swordsman, too.

There are many differing reasons for Bridesmaids but the main one was to fend off evil spirits. The reason that they had to dress similarly (at that time, you dressed like the bride) was to literally ward off ghosts and demonic spirits. You didn’t want any bad juju joining you at the start of your marriage. Although what stupid ghost would mistake the bride for one of her mates - anywho!

Today the bridal party is usually made of up of family members or wonderful friends who are there to support you on your big day.

Here’s the spanner I’m about to throw in the works. I don’t reckon you need them! Your support people will be there as guests at your wedding and you can definitely delegate jobs to them if need be.

I have recently officiated quite a few weddings where the couple didn’t have any attendants. The HUGE difference I saw first hand was the amount of stress that was taken away from them. Like serious, next level stress - gone!

But really, it’s completely up to you. If you and your bestie have dreamt of this since you were both 6 years old, then go for it.

At the end of the day, you are standing up there with your love. Nothing else really matters. I’ll be there with you all, guiding you through the ceremony, although you’ll really only have eyes for your each other.

Food for thought!

Image with thanks to the fabulous Amanda at We Are Twine

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