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Five back up plans for your wedding day

Sickness (supplier)

Life happens sometimes. A lot of wedding businesses are one person shows. Just like me. I will do everything in my power to be there on your wedding day. Somehow during my 15 years, I haven’t yet missed a wedding. Now that I’ve said that, well, good grief! Why didn’t I keep quiet.

In saying that, I have the BEST back up team around. My fabulous Brisbane Marriage Celebrant colleagues. Should anything dreadful happen that I can’t be at your wedding, these beautiful friends will be there to help out. All absolutely seamless to you. And if they’re not free, I have about another 80 odd Brisbane celebrant mates I can reach out to. One thing to not worry about. You will me married and it will be fabulous.

Venita: back ups the wazoo!


Always, always, always have a weather back up plan. Whether it’s rain, wind or extreme heat, make sure there is a plan in place. Trust me - you’ll sleep so much better. What’s that saying “Fail to plan. Plan to fail.”

Along with crazy weather can come road closures, ceremony space disasters, suppliers not able to get to you. Have those plans in place and ensure your suppliers have those same plans and you’ll be good to go.


Music is a big part of the whole day of the wedding. From welcoigin tunes for your guest, to your big arrival, the recessional back up the aisle as a married couple and the reception. Have back ups.

Save playlists on multiple devices and make sure they’re downloaded. Have a bluetooth speaker available should the celebrants PA or musicians not be able to play.

Venita: I’ll always have your playlist on my phone and I carry a Sony speaker - just in case.


A blow out (not the fun hair kind) can always happen at the last minute. Always pack a back up pair of shoes, underwear, tie, socks - you get the idea.

Along with these, pack a sewing kit. You have no idea the number of K-Mart sewing kits I’ve left with wedding parties over the years.

Venita: I will have sewing kit


Sometimes you or one of the wedding party can fall ill. Hopefully it’s not too serious. Pack the old, Panadol, Gastrolyte, tampons, lozenges, sunscreen (I’ve seen so many brides with a bright red décolletage) just in case.

Venita: I always carry most of these. 

The best advice is to try and go with the flow. Most of these things will never be noticed by the guests. They will be so happy to be there to celebrate your love. And being married at the end of the day is exactly how it’s supposed to be.

As wedding suppliers - all we want is for you to have the most memorable day. That’s is truly our one and only goal.

Much love xxx

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