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How do I walk down the aisle?

How do you want to arrive to your ceremony?

Marissa and her dad
Walking down the aisle

The tradition of walking down the aisle was the ‘giving away’ in an arranged marriage. Today it’s something the bride wants to do to honour their loved one. Just like the stunning Marissa. Her dad was one of the proudest men I've seen. Beautifully captured by Luke Middlemiss Photography.

But do you need to have someone walk you down the aisle in the modern day wedding?

Absolutely not. You do it your way!

Yes, by all means have your dad/mum/brother/sister/loved one walk you down the aisle. They can help keep you calm, keep you balanced on those stunning heels and provide a warm presence.

But what if you want to walk down by yourself. Go for it. Own it. Hold your head high. Pause at the top of the aisle. Take it all in and then process down to your main squeeze. Caitlin was one of those brides and she owned it. I love the anticipation on her face captured by Everlast Studios.

Wedding Celebrant North Lakes Hotel
Bride arriving on her own

Or what if you want to walk down with your love. Why not? Play that music loud and make your moves down towards the arbor, together.

Whichever way you decide, just remember, this is YOUR moment. Every pair of eyes will be on you. And guess what?

You WILL be fabulous. xx

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