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How to start organising my wedding

You’ve just become engaged. Now what?

Firstly sit back and enjoy being engaged. Kiss each other a thousand times. Stare at your ring and show it off in all its glory. Tell the world (but maybe your parents first).

Take the time and breathe.

Who to book first?

The order of booking your wedding day vendors is completely up to you, although this is the way most people do it to ensure the least amount of stress on the day.

Book these people as soon as you have your date.

  • Venue

  • Celebrant

  • Photographer

Wedding Venue

Obviously the venue is the most important (unless you really love a celebrant and want to make sure they’re free first - hint hint!).

When choosing your venue, make sure you work out logistics. Is there travel? Will you have your ceremony in the same space? How many guests are you thinking of having? What food and drink packages are on offer? Ask all the questions.


Next the celebrant. This is the person who will get you legally married. They’re a pretty important part so don’t just leave it to any old person or the cheapest. The right celebrant can make your ceremony so much fun. The ceremony is the launch pad to the whole day. Don’t just endure your ceremony until the bar tab opens. Make it the highlight of the day. It will be the part that you will remember the most.

Also find someone who will be there through the whole process. Through all the legal bits and pieces, recommendations of other vendors, a sounding board for all things and someone who will have your back and won’t leave you wondering. Ask all the questions!


Your photographer will capture the whole day or as long as you want them to be there. They will take the photos that will trigger the memories in years and decades to come. You will definitely need to feel comfortable with them and not feel like you're posing at all. A great photographer will not make you pose for any photos (maybe one for grandma but that’s it!). Sometimes they’re like Ninjas’ - you don’t even know that they’re there. They’re are so many fabulous photographers and packages out there, so again, ask all the questions (or ask me - I have worked with some of the best).

Other important bits and pieces.

I can hear a few of you saying “What about my dress?” Yes your wedding dress is a top priority and that’s how it should be.

However, remember to think about those businesses who will be there on the day and who’s dedication to your wedding is a key part of making your day magical.

For example, me, your celebrant. I generally only do one wedding a day so lock me in. Or say the band and DJ. You’ve found the perfect band - book them now! They can only book one wedding as well so lock them in.

There’s flowers, hair and makeup, cakes, cars and so on.

There are so many other vendors to book in for your big day. The list can be really long or more tailored to your vision.

My best advice is to take it one step at a time. Book the big stuff then sit back and relax and make your lists with a clearer head. And chat to your vendors. We are a wealth of information. We do this as a full time job. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly!

Enjoy it all. The planning is so much fun.


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