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Should we elope?

Is eloping a good idea?

I’ve been married 14 years in May and a wedding celebrant 12 years in October.

I know how stressful the wedding planning experience is. From worrying about the weather to trying to involve both sides of the family and the biggie, staying within your budget.

I know many couples get to a certain point in their planning and they ask themselves the question: “Should we have eloped?”

The term “eloping” seems seriously old-fashioned, with negative thoughts around it. It was something that used to take place when your parents thought you were too young or thought you were engaged to the wrong person (or god forbid - pregnant!).

Today, elopements are a way to escape the craziness of modern day wedding planning and focus on the person you’re marrying and the why.

Weddings are now a huge thing. They can be stressful, cause anxiety and let’s not even talk about the financial side of things.

Current Australian research says the average wedding costs more than $30,000. So whether it’s for financial reasons or something else entirely, eloping might be something for you and your main squeeze to consider.


  • You’ll save heaps of money;

  • You’ll avoid loads of pressure and opinions from friends and families;

  • The wedding can be all about you - personal and intimate. All the focus is on you guys.


  • Some family and friends may get upset;

  • You don't get the whole "planning process”;

  • It may feel like less of a big deal.

Deciding whether eloping is a good idea, is a big decision, and it’s not one to be taken lightly. Sit down together and write your own pros and cons list. You may be surprised.

Then give me a buzz. I have a few elopement packages and I'm sure there's one that will suit you.


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