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Wedding Day Nerves

The wedding ceremony can be the most exciting part but also the most nerve wracking part of your special day.

Those 20 minutes or so before the ceremony begins can be some of the most terrifying minutes of your life to date.

Yes, you’ll probably have butterflies leading up to the day about different things. The first time you put on your dress. When your dad arrives to see you ready to go. When the boys are dressed and you can’t find the rings. All of these moments will have your tummy doing some flip flops but that’s nothing on the moment you’re about to see your main squeeze as you walk down that beautiful aisle.

Depending on your wedding ceremony style or how you’ll arrive as a couple, the groom could be waiting at the front of all the guests with me your celebrant. This is when he’ll start to really, excuse me, but ‘shit bricks’. I generally don’t get the poor man to stand ‘in position’ until the very last moment. It’s far too scary to stand there with everyone staring at you for too long. This is where I’ll step in, usually with the help of his best man. We’ll chat about what he did that day, have some laughs, take some deep breaths and generally try and keep him breathing.

Say there’s a bride arriving. I like to come up to say hello. Again, give some great advice (everything I’ve probably already told you but it will have flown out of your mind like a flock of birds flying south for the winter), I’ll give her a big smile and get her to breathe.

Generally I don’t give them a hug or kiss - you don’t want your make up smooshed by me! But know that I’m hugging you from the inside.

I’ll also have a quick chat to your bridesmaids, even your dad. You’d be surprised at how nervous dads can get. They just want it all to be perfect for you and don’t want to stuff up one single bit.

The music begins and you arrive and see each other for the first time. Grooms always cry here. I think it all becomes so real and they see this stunning vision before them and can’t believe how lucky they are to be getting married.

You hold hands and check each other out. Man - you are looking fine! The nerves are still there, but you’re with your person and it’s so good to be there together.

Then I start to talk. Telling your story. Some of it’s funny, some’s cheeky, but it’s all warm and engaging. Your guests are really enjoying it all.

After a few minutes, you start to relax. You listen to what’s being said. You laugh and enjoy the story too. Now you’re having fun. This is not so bad. Actually this is so much fun!

Suddenly, you’re sitting at the signing table and you’re officially married. I’d be a rich woman if I had a dollar for everyone that said, “That was so quick and so much fun. Can we do it again?”

The legal bits are done. The music starts. Your guests stand up. I introduce you and back down the aisle you go as a married couple. Nerves are gone. Pure bliss sets in.

You are married! Now to party with all your friends and family.


Photography with thanks to Luke Middlemiss Photography

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