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Honeymooning After Your Wedding Day

So your big day is over. You’ve made vows, drunk champagne, danced and had an absolutely epic time.

It’s now the morning after. You’ve woken up to your new husband or wife. Life is fabulous.

Then you have to make a mad dash to pack bags, grab passports, organise an Uber and race to the airport for your honeymoon.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in bed a little longer. Maybe spend a few days eating all the ice-cream in the world. There’s no dress to squeeze into now! Hang on the couch together watching Netflix.

Just stop and be together.

It’s a huge job organising a wedding. The planning, all the details not to mention everyone’s opinions. It’s nice to take a few days and just relax. Get on that plane rested and ready to enjoy the heck out of your honeymoon.

You deserve it.

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