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Where does a celebrant stand?

Where does a celebrant stand

This is totally up to you guys - and a bit of logistics.

Generally, I will begin a ceremony between the couple and one side of the bridal party (if there is one). This is where I will tell you story to your guests. You can see me and your guests can see me.

I will then move around a bit.

Firstly I come and ask you both a couple of cool questions.

Then I will hand you your vow cards and the mic and get the hell out of there. You don’t want me in the middle of the two of you when you make promises to each other.

I will also be way out to the side when you exchange rings and have your first kiss as a married couple. Again, you don’t want my goofy, smiley face in-between you both.

But as I said, this is totally up to you both. If you’re a little nervous and want me by your side. I’ll be there for you 100% (but still not in the kiss shot!).

The best thing is to chat to your celebrant. They will be able to guide and support you.

Have fun xx

Image with thanks to She Said Yes Photography

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