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What music do I need for my wedding ceremony?

Music is such a personal choice. My best advice is to find songs that resonate with you both. One tip though, if you really love a song, make sure you check the lyrics. Some of my favourite songs, turned out a bit dark when I read the actual lyrics! Hey, who knew Puff the Magic Dragon was a song about drugs. The 8 year old Venita didn’t.

Anyhoo! For your ceremony, you’ll need 4 songs and some background pre ceremony tunes.

The prelude is light and ambient music that sets the mood while guests are arriving and waiting for the ceremony to begin. I have a playlist that I start when I’m setting up.

The processional is when you arrive. This can be one song or if you want your bridal party to arrive to a different song, that works too.

The recessional is when you both leave as a married couple. This should be a fun, upbeat song - hey, you just got married - let’s party!

The other two songs are for when we sign all the paperwork. Think background style.

Types of music

You can have live music. Anything from a full string quartet to someone singing with a guitar. I personally love live performances. Plus if there’s ever a delay in walking down the aisle, they can always just keep on playing.

Some of my favourites are Bernadette and Steve from Baseline Studio Band and Amy Kate Music or a little strings by Adiamus Strings.

Maybe you have a DJ for your reception. They can also help with your ceremony music. That way you can leave it up to them to coordinate the music and timing. Plus their sound systems are way more fancier than mine. I will chat with them and ensure we’re both on the same page.

A couple of DJ’s I love and have worked with a lot are DJ Brad and DJ Rhino.

Alternatively, you can have a playlist of your chosen songs. Chose your songs via something like Spotify or Apple Music on your phone (I’ll download them on mine to as a back up). Make sure they are downloaded as we will be popping the phone on aeroplane mode - you don’t want the phone to ring as you’re walking down the aisle!

We can then plug the phone into my PA system. I do have bluetooth but I just don’t trust it with all the other devices around.

I will give your chosen music person a ‘cue’ card to follow. I’ll also show them how it works before the ceremony begins. Trust me - it’s really easy. In saying that though, if you’ve got Apple Music or Spotify, make sure your music person knows how it works.

Have some fun together choosing your music. It’s a wonderful part of the wedding planning.


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