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How does a Surprise Wedding Work

I love a surprise wedding. There are so many reasons to have this type ceremony and this is totally up to you, your partner and your story.

There are also so many ways to execute the surprise. This is where I can help. I can mingle and pretend I’m an old work colleague or school buddy. I’ve also been a fabulous cocktail waitress before. Or I can hide in the back kitchen or behind a random bush (yes I have done that before too). Whatever the guise we will make it a fabulous surprise for all your guests.

Talking of guests, there are a couple of people, in my opinion, that you should tell. In particular, your mums (unless there’s something going on there that we don’t need to know about).

Mum’s really want to be part of your special day. They may have dreamed of this day since you were a toddler. Let them in on the secret. Let them be part of the surprise. I’ve seen many mums get a little upset when they weren’t included in the preparations.

The best part of a surprise wedding is seeing your guests faces when all is revealed so don’t be tempted to spill the beans. Keep ‘mum’ and enjoy the experience.

Just like Megan and Daniel who were married in December at the fabulous Miss Bliss Wholefoods in West End. All the guests mingled in the garden out the back. Enjoying a few bubbles whilst they celebrated the loved up couples ‘engagement’ party.

The wonderful Jess from Little J Photography was there capturing the ‘engagement party’ festivities.

Meanwhile I was hiding out near the kitchen with Jacqui who is in charge of all the fabulous events at Miss Bliss. At the right time I came out onto the deck and introduced myself. “My name is Venita and I am a wedding celebrant." Well, the crowd went wild!

The gorgeous deck was quickly transformed into a ceremony space and they were married, just how they wanted.


Photographer: Jess from Little J Photography

Venue: Miss Bliss at West End

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